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We are leaders initiative overview.

For complete details, please see our initiative booklet, the model and concept map.

The 'We are leaders' initiative has been awarded the 2012 Regional Showcase Award for Excellence in Leadership.

Overarching Model
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen R. Covey)
The 6 improvement drivers:
  • Increase challenging educational opportunities for all students.
  • Provide a positive, harmonious, supportive learning community for all.
  • Develop, share and analyse data to support and improve student performance.
  • Develop and support a quality workforce to improve teacher performance.
  • Engage, collaborate and share our journey with our community.
  • Identify quality resources to support teachers and ensure students success.

Academic development: 

    1. Curriculum for leaders: Woongoolba State School has developed a comprehensive school curriculum program based on (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) ACARA and the Queensland essential learnings.

    2. Pedagogy for leaders: Woongoolba State School uses Marzano’s Dimensions of Learning for our pedagogical framework. The dimensions include:

  • Attitudes and perceptions
  • Acquire and integrate knowledge
  • Extend and refine knowledge
  • Use knowledge meaningfully
  • Habits of mind. 

    3. Readers are leaders: In conjunction with teachers, students identify and document personal learning goals and targets in reading. Teachers use the PM and (Informal Prose Inventory) IPI to access individual student reading levels. Teachers also use (Tests Of Reading Comprehension) TORCH to identify individual pedagogical strategies relevant to each child’s learning. Teachers then structure reading groups based on reading level during reading time each day. Students participate in targeted reading lessons with students grouped by reading level. 

Learning and self development: 

     1. Kids Matter: Kids Matter Primary is a national mental health initiative. Key components are:

  • A positive school culture
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Parenting support and education 
  • Early intervention 

Woongoolba State School has been recognised by Kids Matter Primary as a key school in this process and our ‘We are leaders’ initiative is part of their school stories package of information.

Kidsmatter website

       2. One child, one learner: At Woongoolba State School, we believe that all teaching and learning must be targeted to each individual child. The school uses quality data to ascertain each student’s performance which is then connected to specific pedagogical strategies for each child in each learning area. These include:

  • The data notebook
  • The Aus identity
  • Evidence based pedagogy
  • The personal learning profile

       3. Woongoolba values: at Woongoolba State School we value:

Our bodies:                             ‘We move and nurture’                 to be healthy citizens

Our minds:                              ‘We learn and share’                    to be informed citizens

Our school and community:       ‘We participate and represent’      to be democratic citizens

Our ideas:                                ‘We create and compose’             to be creative citizens

Our natural world:                     ‘We connect and act’                    to be eco-citizens

Last reviewed 21 February 2020
Last updated 21 February 2020