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Teaching and learning


At Woongoolba State School, we believe in learning. All students, no matter where they come from, are capable of learning. We believe that learning must be targeted to individuals: their personal abilities, their interests and learning styles are taking into account. Personalised learning is about knowing what a student needs to know and do and identifying how they are best able to do it.

To do this, we use a range of strategies. Firstly, our philosophy of learning is about ‘New Learning’: seeking new ways for students to actively contribute to their own learning journey.  The Teaching and Learning Cycle shows a process of learning: from the engagement of the student through to providing feedback to that student about their own learning pathway. Finally, teams target specific teaching strategies to individual student need in our highly valued Proficiency program.
Everybody reads at Woongoolba. At this school, reading is considered to be central to the learning process. We have developed effective teaching and learning programs in reading at Woongoolba as well as adapting well-researched strategies from the academic world.  These are targeted at every student, no matter their ability.
Woongoolba State School is a small ‘country-like’ school near the city. We are a family and our students, staff and parents are all part of that family. Our teaching style is unique, but well-researched and personalised. Browse through our documents to learn more about our teaching and learning philosophy.